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What our Clients Say About us!

It was very reflective and amazing to be able to get a platform to share about our experiences with other people in a very safe and non-judgemental space.!

Ms Zosha Khan
(Attended an online meet-up by Unbound)

The session was boon for me; after attending it I feel relieved. Stress had affected my life, I experienced it almost every day. However, after I participated in this session I got ideas about 'how to manage the stress'. I must highlight one thing I learnt here; the technique of 'prioritising tasks' daily, indeed it helped me a lot. Really stress management session was a boon for me, I will attend it again and recommend it to my friends and colleagues!"

Mr, Keshav Bade
(For, weekend event on 'Stress Management & Spiritual Healing by Mr Kandelkar')

Image by Chris Blonk

“It was a reminder of many forgotten elements of facilitation. The difference between "Rules" and Ägreements" is one thing that I had never realised. Also knowing different challenges and perspectives.”

- Ms. Ima Mishra.

(Attended, Art of Facilitation by Unbound)

“Letting everyone have their own voice even if they are young or less powerful.”

— Mr. Jitendra Jaiswal

(Attended 'Art of Facilitation' by Unbound)


Ms. Ankita Rai
(For Facilitation Workshop by Unbound)

Enhance your skillset and always keep a check on myself while working

Avatar 111

(For Facilitation Workshop by Unbound)

Use of icebreakers, understanding the concept of multiple solutions for 1 problem, focus on the learning process than the results.

Avatar 98

(For Facilitation Workshop by Unbound)

Be patient, be good listener, and give chance to people to work by themself and whenever they need help them.

*NOTE. Images shown in testimonials are representative of real customers. No, original photographs are used.

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